Five Reasons to Recycle Your Cans and Bottles

Do you ever feel as though your recycling efforts don’t make an impact? You certainly aren’t alone. I’ve been known to throw my hands up in defeat myself after a particularly “litter-y” ride through town! Do you need a pep talk? Don’t despair! There are a great many reasons that recycling bottles and cans does make an impact and is still worth your time. Here are five good reasons not to quit:

1. Recycling reduces waste. Your cans and bottles would make those junky roads look even worse….and every little bit helps!

2. Recycling conserves resources.Check out this link here. Why rob the earth of precious resources? Again, every little bit…

3. Recycling extends the life of landfills. Nobody wants to live next-door to a landfill; folks like you you and I take that possibility seriously!

4. Recycling creates jobs. With the US economy in such bad shape creating jobs is practically an act of patriotism. I wonder how many jobs would be created if everyone in the US recycled cans and bottles.

5. Recycling pays. No, you probably won’t get rich, but would you throw money in the landfill? I didn’t think so. Let me just pick up those cans in the road now!

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